Odontologie conservatrice Inlay / Onlay

The inlays and the onlays are prosthetic pieces made of Ceramic or composite. They replace a missing or defective part of the tooth while keeping it alive. They are an alternative to resin of significant volume and allow the preservation of more living matter by avoiding the installation of a prosthesis that is more mutiating for the tooth.

These pieces are produced in the prosthesis laboratory or by a computer-aided manufacturing system. The aesthetic result is optimal with a hue very close to that of a natural tooth.

The treatment

During the first session, the dentist cleans the caries and prepares a cavity that will host the inlay when the cavity is located within the walls of the tooth, Or the onlay when it includes one or more walls. A dental impression is taken to help create the inlay (or onlay) in a ceramic biomaterial block.

During the second session, the Inlay (or Onlay) is tried and fixed in the tooth’s cavity with the help of adhesives.


The mechanical resistance is better than that of conventional fillings or resins. The good quality seal increases the reliability of the point of contact with the adjacent teeth and reduces the risk of cavities renewal.

In cases of cavities with great volume, they allow the avoidance of installing a dental crown which is more mutilating for the tooth.

Odontologie conservatrice Inlay : avant


Odontologie conservatrice Inlay : après