The course of consultations in Paris

For a date of consultations in Paris, there is no particular constraint. They can be established at your convenience with Dr Ryad ADHIMENE and according to his availability in our partner office in Paris.

During the consultation, a panoramic radiography will be needed; if you if you have one of less than 6 months, you must bring it. If not however, you will have the possibility to perform one in our partner office in Paris.

According to the case, performing a scanner may be necessary for the purpose of establishing a treatment plan as well as a precise estimate.

If you are unable to attend for a consultation. You may fill in the form attached with your panoramic radiography and we will establish an estimate for you.

During your consultation, Doctor Ryad ADHIMENE will diagnose your dental problem. During the same session, he will draw up a treatment plan and a very precise estimate.

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