Smile restoring

Rediscover a bright and natural smile

Broken or yellowed teeth, imperfect alignment …, the aesthetics of the smile can be altered by many reasons. To get back your beautiful smile, multiple solutions can be recommended.

Several treatments can be considered: dental veneers, dandruff or not, dental ceramics, dental whitening, adhesive dentistry, periodontal surgery, etc.

It is essential to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis from the outset, allowing the most suitable solution for the patient to be determined. Our clinic practices two innovative diagnostic techniques, mock-up or digital simulation.

Digital Smile Design – DSD

Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary digital tool allowing to diagnose your new smile and to project yourself before starting your aesthetic project using photos and videos. The DSD allows to understand the relation between teeth, gums, lips and face, in order to establish a very precise aesthetic analysis of the smile and face.
Benefit of simulations are: better visualization and understanding of aesthetic problems from the design of the project.

La dentisterie esthétique : Réhabilitation complète du sourire
La dentisterie esthétique : Réhabilitation complète du sourire

Mock Up Diagnosis

The Mock-up is the model of your future smile

Mock-up diagnosis allows us to give you a harmonious and bright smile, in perfect harmony with your personality. From prints and photos, our laboratory will design your new wax smile (plaster model).

By a simple pose on your teeth, this simulation is then tested directly in your mouth (Mock-up) so that you can understand your new smile before any treatment begins, and without any dental preparation or commitment. You can preview your new smile before starting your cosmetic treatment.