Dental Tourism in Algeria – new concep

The concept we are proposing, dental tourism in Algeria, was born from the sole desire to completely eliminate the disadvantages of dental tourism. To seek treatment in a country other than the one where one resides for instance Tunisia or Hungaria, these disadvantages may stem from :

  • The long distance of the practitioner
  • The postoperative follow-up

To tackle this, Dr Ryad ADHIMENE will receive you for consultation in our partner office in Paris. And he will carry out all the interventions in our dental clinic Ardentys in Algiers. Finally, he will receive you once again in our partner office in Paris in order to ensure all the follow-ups of the carried out treatments.

Finally Algeria!

Our fees are competitive, compared to the ones applied in france, we will save you more than 60% of your treatment budget. All this while benefiting from high quality dental and aesthetic care.

The course of treatments:
First, we will receive you for a consultation in Paris or in our Dental Clinic Ardentys in Algiers. Then, we will establish your treatment plan while explaining the different treatment possibilities that are available for you, with or without dental implants. Next, we will perform the installation of dental implants in our dental clinic Ardentys during your stay in Algeria.


In the end, we will receive you once again in our partner office in Paris or in our Dental clinic in Algiers, at your convenience, in order to insure the necessary follow-up, that follows the installation of your dental implants.Everything is set up to facilitate the preparation of your stay, whether it is a transfer or an accommodation. Our staff is at your service to help you organize your trip.You will also be able to discover a country with a sunny climate and a rich cultural heritage.

Thanks to this unique concept, you will benefit from:
• From all the advantages that a dental implant installation would offer in France,
• From the best prices of dental implants and save up to 60%
• From a personalized support throughout your treatment steps.