Hygiene and asepsis

Rigorous rules of hygiene and asepsis for your safety

To ensure high quality care in a safe environment for our patients (hygiene and asepsis comply European standards), the Dental Clinic ARDENTYS has set up very strict rules of hygiene and sterilization of equipment.

It is also an ethical and moral obligation for our medical team to apply strict hygiene and asepsis procedures for each patient in order to eliminate any risk of contamination.

Hygiene and asepsis in the treatment room

First of all, the health care team wash their hands before and after each treatment with an antiseptic soap. All team members wear medical masks and gloves, which are discarded after each treatment.

Before receiving a new patient, the treatment room is disinfected with spray and wipes designed for this purpose (eg armchairs, worktops, drawer pulls, spittoons, scialytics and others). Turbines and other rotary instruments are cleaned by internal decontamination under pressure.

Finally, a new instrument tray, packed in Sterilization pouches, is put in place for each new patient.

Hygiène et asepsie- salle de chirurgie
Hygiène et asepsie - salle de stérilisation
Hygiène et asepsie - salle de soins


Hygiene and asepsis in the sterilization room

The hygiene and asepsis of our sterilization rooms must be irreproachable. Thus, our modern equipment allows us to perform sterilization cycles of all instruments in accordance with European standards:

  • Pre-decontamination by immersion in a disinfectant bath,
  • Ultrasonic decontamination,
  • Washing with bactericides and fungicides then rinsing,
  • Drying and packaging in single-use sterile pouches,
  • Sterilization under pressure in the autoclave.