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The Abutment is used in the restoration of damaged teeth.

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The Abutment is used in the restoration of damaged teeth to consolidate the tooth before receiving a prosthesis (Dental bridge or dental crown). It is a metal piece fixed in the roots of the tooth. Its upper part serves as a support for the prosthesis.

The dentist uses the Abutment when a classic restoration is insufficient to receive the prosthesis or offer good mechanical resistance.

The treatment

During the first session, The tooth is devitalized in order to prepare the root canal to receive the Abutment. Once done, a dental impression is taken in order to prepare the future prosthesis. then, a temporary prosthesis is placed on.

Finally, in the second session, the final prosthesis is tried and installed on the Abutment.

The use of Abutment optimizes the seal at the filled channels and the junction between the root and the prosthesis. It offers an excellent resistance to the pressure exerted by chewing. Moreover, it is possible to replace a fixed crown without damage for the Abutment.