Orthodontics concern misaligned or crooked teeth. by either avoiding the apparition of misalignments or by correcting them, Orthodontics help promote the social well-being of patients. And more importantly to preserve their oral health.

The care provided by our orthodontist is for children and adults. Either for prevention intentions, or is associated to the treatment of prosthesis or implant or periodontal (treatment of gum diseases responsible for mobility and movement of teeth).

Lingual orthodontics

A treatment that cannot be seen is what lingual orthodontics offers to those who wish to benefit from orthodontic correction without compromising their smile.

Lingual orthodontics takes its name from the positioning of the orthodontic brackets on the internal surface of the teeth, on the side of the tongue. It is a treatment that uses the same principles as conventional techniques where the fasteners are positioned on the outside of the vestibular teeth.


Invisalign is an alternative to traditional dental braces and appliances. This method is based on the use of evolutive transparent aligners which allow the teeth to be aligned gradually according to the treatment plan established by the practitioner. He acts on the position of your teeth almost invisible.

Custom-made for your teeth, it allow them to move little by little, each discreet movement brings you closer to your future smile, with efficiency, softness and precision.