Pediatrics : Pediatric Dentistry

Pédodontie : dentisterie pédiatrique

Pediatrics or pediatric dentistry is the dental surgery part and dental care that involves treating children.

Pediatrics require psychological qualities as well as expertise because of the sensitive nature of a child.

Even more than with an adult, an pedodontist must must take care of his communication and his personalized relationship to the child he has in front of him, especially during a first session. It is only through the establishment of a relationship built on trust that the conditions for a satisfactory care will be met. The dialogue should also include the accompanying parent as well in order to initiate or enrich the dialogue with the child.

Actual care can be provided starting the age of four years, but it is best if the child does regular harmless check-ups rather than waiting for care to be necessary.

Pediatrics is particularly concerned with the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental caries of the child.