La parodontite

Periodontitis, what is it ?

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the tissues that surround and support the tooth that are called «periodontium». It’s the local phase of the spread of the dental infection in the body.

In principle, it starts with an inflammation of the gum called ‘gingivitis’. However, an infection could also be an origin. As a result, the gum becomes red and frequently blees. Even if the inflation is often local, it could also spread.

When left without treatment, it evolves into a loss of the tissues that surround a teeth, a loosening, to a loss of teeth. If the origin of this inflation is an infection it may lead to the appearance of abscess.

Why is it so important to treat periodontitis ?

Eventually, periodontitis may lead to loosening of teeth, a loss of teeth as well as abscess. The periodontal diseases may constitute a risk factor for certain cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Moreover, they may worsen the conditions of a Person With Diabetes. As for pregnant women it could lead to premature delivery.

The treatment

Periodontal diseases are insidious and sometimes develop silently. The symptoms appear when it’s too late, when the diseases has already evolved. Thus, a regular dental examination, at least once a year is highly recommended.

UA periodontal treatment aims at re-establishing the gum’s health by performing a scaling. Only our specialist is able to perform it. In some more advanced cases, a surgical treatment could be required.