Periodontology is the discipline dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum and underlying bone diseases. These diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis; they are better known as loose teeth and lead to tooth loss.

Gingivitis and periodontitis

The Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum that occurs when plaque and tartar are deposited in too great a quantity.

Consequently, the gum turns red with visible white and edematous spots on gum.

When neglected, Gingivitis may evolve into periodontitis.

The gum can also retract and form pockets in which bacterias and food may be housed, thus altering the alveolar bone and compromising adhesion between the tooth and the gingiva, this is what we call teeth loosening.

Medical periodontics

Medical periodontics is a technique for managing periodontitis. It is based on the intensive use of local antiseptics as well as on the realization of progressive sessions of supra and sub-gingival debridements. During this therapeutic approach, the emphasis is on visualizing the patient’s periodontal flora.

Using a special microscope, we identify pathogenic microorganisms in the periodontal pockets that are the cause of inflammation. When the infection is under control, the tartar which is above and below the level of the gum will be eliminated by the use of LASER for deep decontamination and stimulation of the tissues.

Our specialists offer surgical sanitation techniques for complex cases (sanitation flaps) or to treat well localized areas.